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Professors across the country are embracing GradeAssist because it empowers them to review student papers with greater speed and effectiveness. The streamlined interface makes it easy to provide meaningful, detailed feedback and formative writing instruction with only a few clicks. And many educators find that GradeAssist substantially reduces the time they spend grading, sometimes by 50% or more.

We've designed GradeAssist to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word — so everything you've learned while using Word has prepared you to use GradeAssist. The software is incredibly easy to use and will support your current approach to grading. GradeAssist significantly improves educator efficiency, dramatically reduces time spent grading, and frees educators to provide personalized, student-specific feedback — all while measurably improve students� critical thinking, writing, and communication skills.

Download a free, 30-day trial or view an actual student paper graded with GradeAssist.

GradeAssist Products
College Writing

GradeAssist for College Writing is designed for professors who want to provide excellent formative instruction and detailed feedback on students' writing but don�t require the use of a particular writing style. Insist on solid critical thinking and writing from your students? GradeAssist for College Writing will help you grade faster, grade better, and improve your students� educational outcomes.

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GradeAssist for APA helps students master the intricacies of APA Style and supports the development of important critical-thinking and writing skills. With more than 400 powerful, standardized comments, GradeAssist for APA empowers educators to quickly and easily provide targeted, actionable feedback tailored to the needs of individual students. GradeAssist for APA reflects the rules of the APA Manual of Style, Sixth Edition (Second Printing).

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Created for professors whose students use the Modern Language Association's Style Manual for their academic writing. GradeAssist for MLA increases the consistency and accuracy of educators' comments, often decreases the time required to provide thorough feedback, and measurably improves student satisfaction and academic performance.

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Turabian GradeAssist

GradeAssist for Turabian draws on both Kate L. Turabian�s Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. For professors who require students to use Turabian/Chicago rules, the more than 350 standardized comments will dramatically improve grading productivity and efficiency and help students develop the critical thinking and writing skills needed to succeed at the college level.

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